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Legal Productivity

CASEpeer Announces New Integration With Zapier

CASEpeer now integrates with Zapier! The new integration allows you to pass information between your favorite linked apps and build processes faster...

Legal Marketing

A Conversation with Maria Monroy

Maria Monroy sits down with Gabriela Cubeiro to share her expertise on the most important aspects of a successful marketing strategy, how law firms...

Legal Productivity

Expert Advice with Zach Herbert

Gabriela Cubeiro sits down with Zach Herbert to discuss how process and delegation play a part in running a law firm like a business.

Legal Productivity

How to Take Your Law Firm Paperless

The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper a year, we’ll walk you through why and how law firms can change this…

Legal Productivity

Expert Advice with Reza Torkzadeh

Gabriela Cubeiro sits down with Reza Torkzadeh to discuss leadership, how to encourage innovative ideas and learn to embrace risk-taking, and great...


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