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4 Reasons Why Marketing Directors Love CASEpeer

Personal injury law firms rely on marketing more than any other legal practice area. But how sure are you that you’re getting the most from your marketing… Read More >

Personal injury law firms rely on marketing more than any other legal practice area. But how sure are you that you’re getting the most from your marketing budget? 

CASEpeer is a practice management software that doesn’t just benefit attorneys and case managers – it also offers a host of features allowing marketing directors to analyze historical intake data and report on high performing marketing strategies. Here are four reasons why personal injury marketing directors love CASEpeer.

Optimize With CASEpeer’s Intake Management

From injury type to referral source, CASEpeer’s comprehensive intake window allows law firms to collect the data necessary to properly evaluate a case while they have the prospective client on the phone. The intake window also gathers data on marketing or referral source information. This allows marketing directors to harness historical data to better understand which marketing sources and referral relationships are performing well and which strategies aren’t working.

With CASEpeer you can confidently say where your clients are coming from, and that your intake team doing what they need to do to sign them up.

Our intake management screens gives marketing directors and intake managers a snapshot of what cases are pending contract, where they came from, and when they were last touched. Intake Reports allow you to look back at historical performance – of your marketing efforts and your intake team.

Calculate and Optimize Your Marketing ROI

Tracking the source type and source detail of a potential client not only allows marketing directors analyze history, but also allows them to better allocate the firm’s marketing budget to increase ROI. Many law firms spend sizable amounts of money on marketing every year, it’s important to know how your investment is working for you. 

CASEpeer allows marketing teams to pinpoint their most and least successful marketing sources, providing them with a roadmap of which strategies to double down on, and which to re-evaluate. With CASEpeer, you’ll know which marketing or referral sources give you better conversions, or bring in higher value cases.

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Track Referred, Retained, and Rejected Cases

Based on data collected at intake, CASEpeer also allows law firms to track which cases are retained, rejected, or referred out to other firms. 

By analyzing cases that are referred out, marketers can draw trends from these cases in order to pursue strategic partnerships that can boost marketing ROI. When tracking retained and rejected cases, law firms can identify and better target leads by optimizing their marketing strategies.

Harness CASEpeer’s Mailchimp Integration

Email marketing has an ROI of 4400%, meaning that you can expect a $44 return for every marketing dollar spent. That’s why CASEpeer has an integration with Mailchimp. 

Right from CASEpeer, you can subscribe clients to your different lists, nurturing them on their journey throughout their case, and beyond. 

From phonebooks and billboards to Google and Instagram Ad buys, marketing strategies will continue to evolve for personal injury law firms. What remains constant is the need for tracking and analytics. Start making smarter and faster decisions. Book a CASEpeer demo today and learn how we can help optimize law firm marketing, case management, and revenue growth.


If you are a personal injury attorney looking to supercharge the way your firm serves clients, book a free demo with CASEpeer today. We’re excited to show you the future of your law firm.

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