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How to Create a Secure Password

Is your password easy to remember? Chances are, the passwords protecting your law firm’s data are not as strong as they should be. From computers, to emails, to… Read More >

Is your password easy to remember? Chances are, the passwords protecting your law firm’s data are not as strong as they should be. From computers, to emails, to VPN access, attorneys should take extra precautions with password security.

Clients entrust their sensitive details to you for safekeeping. Is your firm taking basic precautions to avoid being hacked? One in four law firms experience data breaches annually, with an average cost of $5.4 million. It all starts with good passwords for you and your entire staff.


How To Choose a Secure Password

A strong password will include at least one of the following:

  • Numbers (ex. 1, 2, 3, etc.)
  • Lower-case letters (ex. h, l, f, etc.)
  • Upper-case letters (ex. P, Q, U, etc.)
  • Special characters, if your platform allows (ex. !, #, *, etc.)

The longer your password, the better – but you should be able to remember it without writing it down. Try creating a memorable phrase and using the first initial from each word. For example, “Steph Curry #30 is the best basketball player ever!” could be turned into “SC#30itbbpe!” It’s easy to remember if you’re a Steph Curry fan, it’s long, and it contains a variety of characters. Please do not use that exact password, it’s on the internet now.

There are also password generators that can create and save a secure password for you. If you’re an Apple user, Keychain is built into your system. You can also use free programs like LastPass.

Use Unique Passwords & Update Them Regularly

Using the same password across different sites can compromise all your accounts. Creating unique, secure passwords for all your logins can seem tedious, but protects you in the event of a hack. Passwords should also be updated regularly, especially at your office.

Over half of the population uses passwords at least five years old. Changing login information firm-wide several times a year can reduce the chances of a data breach. Talk to your IT staff to determine a passcode updating procedure for your law firm.

It starts with passwords, but there are many other steps you can take to improve your firm’s cybersecurity. Review your server, firewall, and wifi network policies to identify potential vulnerabilities.

At CASEpeer, your security is our top priority. In addition to working hard to ensure the security of our case management software, we seek to educate attorneys about cybersecurity measures. To learn more about CASEpeer, click here.

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