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How to Increase Conversions on Your Law Firm’s Website

All attorneys in this day and age understand the importance of having a website. Some law firms invest a significant amount of time and money to make their site… Read More >

All attorneys in this day and age understand the importance of having a website. Some law firms invest a significant amount of time and money to make their site a lead generating machine.

The first step is increasing traffic, but how do you convert those visitors into clients? On average, studies show only 9.87% of total views to your page will result in a conversion. Maximize your chances of converting leads to clients on your site by focusing on factors that visitors will be most responsive to.

Mobile-Friendly Law Firm Website

In 2016, approximately 60% of web searches came from mobile devices. You don’t want to lose a potential client because they can’t read your website from their phone. Optimize your site for mobile use by using fast-loading images, a clear navigation structure, and a responsive design.

Responsive website designs will automatically adjust the layout of your website based on the size of the visitor’s screen. With this kind of design, your site will be attractive and legible on any potential client’s device.

Contacting You Should Be Easy

The goal of your website is be for prospective clients to contact you, right? Make it as easy as possible for them to do so. If you have a contact form, reduce the amount of fields visitors need to fill out. Today’s clients want immediacy, and do not want to spend ten minutes completing a questionnaire. Limit your forms to necessary information, like name and phone number. If you want additional information, make those fields optional or ask those questions at a later time.

Keep in mind that visitors will not want to search for your contact information. Ensure your contact form in an easily accessible place.

Similarly, make your phone number and firm’s address clickable on desktop and mobile platforms. This will allow visitors to call you or get directions to you with the tap of their finger. Studies show 88% of website visitors are more likely to call if you provide a clickable phone number on your website.

Make it Personal

Potential clients want to know the person behind the law degree. Use testimonials and customer reviews to showcase your good relationships with clients. People generally trust others who were in similar situations more than the person selling the service itself.

As a personal injury attorney, you handle lots of sensitive client information. Clients want to know they can trust you. Highlight your privacy and ethics on your website to make potential clients feel more secure.

More and more people are searching for the answers to their problems online. Convert more of your website visitors into clients by applying these simple strategies. Don’t wait – conduct an audit of your law firm’s website today.

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