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Employee Spotlight: CASEpeer Data Imports Manager Caroline Brough

At CASEpeer our passion for innovation is powered by the enthusiasm of our team. In the inaugural segment of our Employee Spotlight Series, we are interviewing Caroline Brough, CASEpeer’s Data Imports Manager.

At CASEpeer our passion for innovation is powered by the enthusiasm of our team. In the inaugural segment of our Employee Spotlight Series, we are interviewing Caroline Brough, CASEpeer’s Data Imports Manager.

Law firms depend on their active cases and historical data to ensure a smooth transition to new technology. Our Data Imports team has the important responsibility of translating cases from a legacy software into CASEpeer’s practice management platform effectively. Every import is different and requires the expert insight and handling of Caroline and the programmers on her team.

What exactly is a Data Import and why is it so important for new clients?

When a new client enters the data import phase, my team and I analyze the data housed in the client’s legacy system and map that onto the existing fields in CASEpeer. As we transition a new user, this ensures that data is imported into the most accurate and functional location in CASEpeer.

The ideal data import is more than a transfer of client data. It’s also its strategic placement in CASEpeer fields to ensure optimal usefulness.

When should a law firm consider a data import?

A new client should strongly consider a data import if they are interested in moving their existing data from an older case management system. We want clients to have a fully functional CASEpeer experience, so having their data available is valuable.

For clients not coming from an existing system, we encourage them to get started right away and harness the full value of CASEpeer.

What can a new law firm expect from the import process?

Expect to be active in the review process. We have seen that proactive client participation can lead to a much more thorough data import. Our team takes a meticulous approach in mapping your data to the appropriate tabs and fields in the CASEpeer interface. Because we want to know which data is vital in your firm’s day-to-day. The review process will happen across multiple client meetings where we collaborate with our clients – tab-by-tab – on the ideal location for their existing data. 

Throughout this time clients can expect to be very familiar with CASEpeer’s interface, and they will also be introduced to our talented Client Success Team. That way, they will have already established a strong familiarity with our product before going live.

How do you personally ensure a smooth data transfer process for new CASEpeer clients? What are your goals for every import?

To ensure a smooth process, we try to foster as transparent an environment as possible. Law firms deserve to know where their data is going so we try to stay in constant contact so they stay in the loop. Another benefit of this is that clients become familiar with CASEpeer’s functionalities – they can be up and running on day one of going live.

We also want to fully understand our clients’ value system in regards to their data. What is absolutely vital to your practice and where should it be going? Understanding our clients’ different needs ensures a smooth important process from initial consultation to going live.

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How is CASEpeer’s data import process unique from other software companies? How does CASEpeer accommodate clients during the process?

One of CASEpeer’s greatest strengths is that we specialize in personal injury. Our team is very familiar with the practice area, and some of us have even used CASEpeer in a firm setting. This definitely translates into the build quality of the software.

When we import case data, it doesn’t simply go into a “bin full of data.” From medical treatment to settlement negotiations, CASEpeer is rich in practice-specific tabs where client data can be better leveraged. 

What is your favorite part of the job?

In high school, I was the kind of person to stare at clock itching for class to finish. I’ve never felt this way while working at CASEpeer. Data imports lend themselves to be complex and highly collaborative projects. I am constantly on my feet and encountering new opportunities to grow on a daily basis.

In addition to that, I love my team and the company culture of CASEpeer. We are constantly supporting each other and wanting each other to succeed throughout any import. A special shout out to Venessa, Mansoor, and our CTO Brian!

When you’re not working – and not under quarantine – where can we find you and what are your hobbies?

Pre-quarantine you could usually find me in Orange County spending time outside with friends or working out at a local boutique gym. Now more than ever, I’m really enjoying spending my time at home with my family recently. Quarantine or not, you’ll also always find me searching for the best charcuterie boards in Orange County (I keep a running list). Have you tried Side Door? You should!



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