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LinkedIn Etiquette for Lawyers

Believe it or not, your LinkedIn profile can have a huge impact on your professional life. LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform for...

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How Important is a Defined Workflow?

In an industry where time is money, an efficient workflow is critical to running a successful law firm. Optimizing how your attorneys and staff spend...

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Improve Productivity with CASEpeer Legal Software

It’s no secret that attorneys are busy. Maximize the potential of your law firm by increasing the productivity of your attorneys and staff. One of...

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Apps Loved By Law Firm Employees

Law firms with an eye on the future hire attorneys and staff ahead of the technological curve. These employees are likely to choose innovative ways...

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Maximize Your Law Firm’s Productivity

Productivity is important in every industry. Inspiring a team is one of the greatest challenges law firms face. With a productive staff, you can take...

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Staying in Touch With Tech Savvy Clients

Communication is the key to building strong, trusting relationships with your clients. As an attorney, it’s your job to ensure your client is always...


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